Determining When Your Child Needs Counseling


Every child goes through emotional ups and downs. This could be anything from mood swings, problems with friends, or drops in academic achievement. Due to these factors, determining whether a child requires help beyond what parents can provide can be challenging. Don’t worry though, because we at Homestead Mental Health Services are here to help.

As a premier provider of mental health services in Baltimore, Maryland, allow us to share common signs that should prompt parents to consult mental health providers for their little ones.

These are the following:

  • Defiant behaviors

    One of the most prevalent indications that your child may require counseling is if they have behavioral issues both within and outside of the home. Take note of these events, especially if they occur more frequently than normal.

  • A sudden shift in usual interests and habits

    Changes in your child’s daily interests and routines, similar to behavioral changes, might indicate that your child needs help. Significant changes in eating, sleeping, and personal interests are usually the quickest to detect and the most indicative.

  • Excessive worrying and sadness

    Anxiety and sadness are typical feelings, particularly throughout life transitions and changes. What’s not normal, however, is when emotions become overwhelming and begin to absorb your child and their thoughts. In such cases, a PRP program in Maryland might be required.

Should you have questions, you may call or visit our outpatient mental health clinic anytime.

Be it for adult or children mental health, you can always rely on us. Get in touch with us today!

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